Jana Woyand

is a trained office administrator and our all-round specialist.

Mrs. Woyand is working as a sales manager in our company. In addition to individual customer care, her specialties include acquisition and social media.

Her major competencies are: Diplomacy and success-leading marketing competence.

Honest and open-minded, Mrs. Woyand contributes to the growth of our company.


Jana Woyand
Head of Sales & Marketing
📞 +49 (0)4102 77883-21

Bianka Wagner

is a trained forwarding merchant and our export specialist.

Mrs. Wagner is responsible for the purchase of raw materials and consumables for our production. She focuses in particular on: Long-standing, regional partners and the best price-performance relation. In addition, Mrs. Wagner ensures optimal order processing, keeps an eye on ongoing processes and provides sales support.

Her major competences are: Composure and customer-oriented solution finding.

Experienced and inventive, Mrs. Wagner contributes to the growth of our company.


Bianka Wagner
Procurement & Sales
📞 +49 (0)4102 77883-13

Merle Weise

is a trained wholesale & export clerk and our feel-good specialist.

Ms. Weise is working as a sales manager in our company: She serves our customers competently and courteously throughout the entire process.

Her major competences are: Carefulness and first-class communication skills.

Authentic and constructive, Ms. Weise contributes to the growth of our company.


Merle Weise
📞 +49 (0)4102 77883-45

Martina Schulze

is a trained technical draftswoman and engineer. She is our technology specialist.
After completing her training as a technical draftswoman, Ms. Schulze went on to study engineering and is responsible for design and development at our company.
In addition to technical topics, she also has experience in quality management.

Technical know-how, quality awareness are one of her specialties.
Her core competencies are: Accuracy and organization.
Meticulous and communicative, Ms. Schulze contributes to the growth of our company.


Martina Schulze
Construction & Product Design
📞 +49 (0)4102 77883-55

Dipl.-Finw. Anke Siedenburg

is originally from Salzwedel and was born in 1979.

She completed the career for the higher service in the financial administration of the state of Sachsen-Anhalt and moved to the free economy in 2001, initially in a tax consulting firm.

Since 2017, she has been in charge of payroll and financial accounting at Schley.

In her private time, she is an active motorcycle rider and keeps chickens.

Anke Siedenburg is married and mother of three children.


Dipl.-Finw. Anke Siedenburg
📞 +49 (0)4102 77883-24

Mathias Siedenburg

is a trained cutting machine operator and our manufacturing specialist.

Mr. Siedenburg has been a senior manager of our production for more than 12 years and coordinates the manufacturing processes in our company.

His major areas of expertise are: Planning and scheduling.

Target-oriented and solution-focused, Mr. Siedenburg contributes to the growth of our company.


Mathias Siedenburg
Production Manager
📞 +49 (0)4102 77883-16



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